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puma logoPuma and TheTeamFactory.com bring you some of the most innovative and talked about jerseys with some of the most modern designs in today’s game. Choose your team’s next look from the great selection of jerseys from one of the top brands.

Puma will introduce modern and innovative technology in sportswear for the 2014 season. Two new uniform models will be released—the Puma evoPower and the Puma Speed. The premier model is the evoPower with integrated ACTV technology. Puma’s evoPower will be featured at the 2014 FIFA World Cup when the Italian National Team takes the field. The evoPower is the first of its kind due to the Puma tape built directly into the garment, enabling a quicker and more effective energy supply to the muscles.

The Puma Speed jersey will feature a simple round collar and a unique design to come in variety of different color combinations. It is a two-toned solid torso with colored sleeves, creating a modern look for any team sporting the jersey. The Puma Speed is rumored to be the template used to design Arsenal’s first Puma kit design.

Puma is also bringing back one of the most popular designs in the Puma Hoop jersey, which features horizontal stripes throughout the jersey. Also, the brand will be introducing new color ways to some other current styles. The most up-to-date line will be launched approximately halfway through the year after the World Cup.

In keeping up with its competitors, Puma has designed sportswear that features its new ACTV technology. ACTV is compression bodywear designed for high performance and endurance sports. This innovative design combines the benefits of graduated compression with that of strategically placed athletic tape.

The benefits of graduated compression are mostly geared toward reducing muscle vibration during exercise and promoting recovery. The athletic tape is strategically placed inside the garment to provide micro-massage to a specific area of skin, which may enhance energy supply to the muscles.

This ACTV technology will be integrated into the inner sections of the brand’s top uniform models.

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