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Nike Uniforms for 2017The Latest Nike Soccer NewsWhat you need to know about Nike Dri-Fit

nike-soccer-logo2By working together with Nike, brings you the latest selection soccer jerseys for your club, team or school at unbeatable discounted prices.  Nike soccer jerseys come in a wide variety of designs, colors and sizes and can be combined with Nike soccer shorts and socks to create a great look for your team.

After a successful 2013, Nike has released its new soccer line up for the 2017-2018 season.  The American sportswear brand has kept several styles from last year’s line, but has introduced three new uniform models for the American market.

The newest Nike soccer jerseys are the Laser PR III, Challenge and Striker IV.

Nike’s feature and highest quality model from the uniform lineup is the Laser PR III jersey. The Laser PR III features a classic look with a large color and cuffs at the sleeves.  The most unique aspect of the jersey is the ventilation technology provided by laser-cut holes along the best Nike Dri-Fit materials to deliver an authentic professional grade jersey.

The Trophy II model offers a modern look on simplicity.  The jersey features a v-neck style collar. The design of the jersey is rather simple with a one-color base with the only accents being two parallel horizontal stripes coming across each sleeve.  As customary, the jersey is composed of a 100% polyester Dri-Fit material.

Perhaps the most compelling addition to the 2014 Nike soccer line up is the Park Derby jersey.  The jersey offers a two-color design combining a base color down the center of the jersey paired up with white sides.  For the Park Derby, Nike opted for the ever-popular v-shaped collar as well as its standard Dri-Fit material.

All three new jerseys can be paired up with any of the existing Nike short and sock models to create a uniform that is fit for your team.

Nike Dri-FitAs a common standard, Nike provides its Dri-Fit technology in all of its soccer uniforms and training apparel.

What exactly is Nike Dri-Fit?

Nike Dri-Fit is a special performance-geared material composed of microfiber and polyester designed to bring out the best in every athlete.  Dri-Fit works to keep sweat and moisture away from an athlete’s skin and into the top layer of the fabric allowing the moisture to evaporate at a rapid rate.

The end result is a more comfortable athlete, as the Dri-Fit material allows the skin to stay dry throughout the demanding physical activity.

Care for your Dri-Fit garments is essential in order to keep its performance effects from diminishing.

Nike recommends the following guidelines:

  • Machine wash inside-out in cold water with like colors
  • Use powdered detergent instead of liquid detergent
  • Tumble dry on low heat and air/hang dry
  • Do not use bleach
  • Do no use dryer sheets or fabric softener (if you inadvertently use a dryer sheet or fabric softener, simply rewash the garment with detergent)
  • Do not dry clean


“New Policy” Nike’s return policy is now 10 days from the delivery date. Any purchased items returned/exchanged after the 10 day period cannot be returned.

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